"I am what rehabilitation stands for,"
—Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman

Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman (born February 2, 1953 in Denver, Colorado) is an American bounty hunter, a former bail bondsman. He stars in Dog the Bounty Hunter, a weekly reality television program which is broadcast on the A&E Network. Duane Chapman used to be an amateur boxer in his teens and early 20's, going by the name "Dog Lee", taken from his nickname and middle name.

In 1977 Chapman was sentenced to 5 years in prison and was remanded to Huntsville prison in Huntsville, Texas. He served 18 months of that 5 year sentence for the murder of Jerry Oliver in Pampa, Texas. Chapman maintains his innocence of murder but suggests he was a legal accessory for not reporting the shooting to the police. He was released on parole after serving 18 months in Huntsville Prison. Two of his co-defendants received probation and a third, their alleged shooter, received ten years in prison.