Tim Charles "Youngblood" Chapman (born 13 May 1965, Ventura, California, is a bounty hunter who has come to prominence with his role on the American TV show "Dog the Bounty Hunter". Originally from California, where he lived with his abusive father till he moved to Denver, Colorado to be with his mother at a young age. His mother ran a bail bonds business out of Denver, Colorado it was then that at the age of fourteen Tim made his first civilian arrest. He worked for his mother in the bail bond business and it was there that he met Duane "Dog" Chapman who is better known as Dog. Tim and Dog have no blood relation. However Dog regards to Tim as his "blood brother" Tim, Dog and Beth worked out of Denver, Colorado as bounty hunters, till Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth moved to Hawaii. Later on Tim joined Beth Chapman, Duane Dog Chapman, and Leland Chapman in Hawaii, where they run Da Kine one of their Bail Bonds and bounty hunting office. They now operate in locations throughout Hawaii and Denver, Colorado and through out Colorado. He was a regular cast feature in the hit television show Dog The Bounty Hunter. He can be seen in seasons one to four. From season five until further notice, Tim will not be featured in the show, but he is featured in some of the new episodes from season four that never got aired before Duane 'Dog' Chapman's N word scandal that resulted in the show being suspended for six months. Although Tim is not featured in season 5, he can be seen in camera shots during some of the episodes.